Monday, 9 April 2018

Things to Know Before Getting Dental Implant

Missing a tooth brings a gap not only in your dental structure but also in your life. Upon losing a tooth, you find yourself deprived immediately from the ability to properly bit the foods of your choice. Good news is that modern dentistry has amazing options to offer when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth. Among all of the options, dental implantation is the best one.

What are dental implants?
You may wonder what a dental implant is. You may find it interesting that difference between a natural tooth and a dental implant is that a dental implant is an artificial tooth. As a matter of fact, dental implant can be even stronger as compared to natural tooth. It basically consists of a metal root, an abutment, and a crown. This metal root is inserted into the jawbone and it has an exposed end on which the abutment is fixed. This abutment serves as a holder for the crown.

Benefits of dental implant
Let’s start with the looks which you can maintain with dental implant. When you lose a tooth, you lose confidence because a gap in the dental structure never seems good. So, getting a dental implant means you can get your confidence boosted well.

When you lose a tooth, there is an empty slot created in the jawbone. This empty slot deprives jawbone from the necessary support which it needs to stay active. When this support is gone, the particular part of jawbone starts its journey towards deterioration. When you get a dental implant, the jawbone gets the necessary support back in order to stay active.

With the presence of dental implant, you can ensure strength of neighboring teeth as well. Natural teeth around the dental implant get necessary support which is required for the strength of natural teeth. Hence, a dental implant doesn’t only give you your lost tooth back but also tends to save other teeth.

Dental implant process is associated with the metal root insertion which is carried out by professional dentist. The metal root is mainly made of titanium which is the strong and lightweight metal. This root is inserted into the jawbone and then the dentist tells you to wait for a few months so that the root gets properly fused with the jawbone. This fusion process is also referred to as the process which leads to the artificial tooth becoming permanent tooth. When the fusion is completed, now is the time for placement of abutment. This abutment is a holder as mentioned above. A custom-made crown is than attached on the abutment. The crown is prepared in such a way that it fits in the alignment of your jaw. Its surface is also made compatible with the tooth which faces it from the top.

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